Technical Specification
Heat setting Stenter Machine
Technical Data

Working Width

Minimum 600 mm
Maximum 1600 mm to 3800mm

No Of Chambers


Heating Media


Specific heat Requirement & Evaporation Capacity

Specific heat consumption will be 785 K. Cal/Kg. of Water evaporated and evaporation capacity will be 270 Kgs. of water /Hr./ Chamber subject to normally dried de sized, bleached, un raised cotton at maximum width after entering stenter having max. 100% moisture.

Chamber Temperature

With Thermo Oil - 220 C having mobile therm 594 or equivalent with inlet temperature of 270 C at radiator inlet

Mechanical Machine Speed

100 / 150 Mtrs./ Min

Power Requirement

380v/ 440v/ 500v 3 Ph. 50 Hz.

In feed Arrangement
Fabric fed through cloth Guiders
Inlet desk
Overfeed roller of M.S. wrapped with rubber fillet running in self aligned ball bearings.
Variable speed through A.C. Inverter and clutch declutch arrangement of overfeed roller
Operators control board on top o inlet desk
Overfeed/ Underfeeding Control and Selvedge tension control.
Pair of inlet rails
Pair of three fingers uncurler
Pinning device with post pin brushes
Aluminum platform for the operator
Main Dryer Body Construction 
Sturdy frame fabricated from high quality rolled steel.
High efficiency radial and two. Nos. per chamber mounted directly on duel speed special type A.C. motors on side of the chamber ( AC Inverter drive optional for Blower )
Set o Nozzles, Nozzle Holder with inlet and outlet ducts fabricated from cold rolled  sheets to circulate heated air through close circuit ducting.
High efficiency spirally wound hot deep galvanised finned round tube eight pass radiators for higher and faster rate o heat transfer. 
Lint filters provided before radiators having easier accessibility for quick removal and cleaning .
Horizontal filter on radiator panel, for easy cleaning while machine in operation 
The body of the dryer is covered with high efficiency insulation panels to ensure minimum heat losses.
Shutters fixed with the rails on feeding and delivery end inside the chamber to minimise hot air escaping 
Speed and width indicators of the dryer mounted on entry and exit wall.
Precise width setting arrangement ( Conical Gear box) provided above every chamber connected with width adjusting screws of respective chamber.
Chain Guide Rail
High grade C I Rails duly lapped for smooth running of chain to reduce electrical load.
High Speed Stentering Chain 
Served as both traction and guide element
The supporting plate with exchangeable slide pieces made of a special sintered bronze.
The tension free connecting plate in the form of roller chain link clips made of special alloy and are pressure die-cast. 
Exhaust System
One/Two high efficiency exhaust connected to a centralized duct connected with individual module with individual control dampers to control air to be exhausted.
Special drip tray provided in individual module to eliminate dripping of condensate inside the chamber.
Cooling Zone 
One M.S Fabricated forced cooling zone provided immediately after outlet off drier body for instantaneous cooling of hot fabric provided with two centrifugal blowers mounted on separate AC Motor on both side of machine. 
Outlet Arrangement
Cloth take of Device 
Outlet desk fabricated from M.S. Plates.
Vertical gear box consisting of pair of helical gear, Spiral bevels, Chain driving sprockets.
Driven by main DC/AC motor fitted on RH side outlet desk.
Width adjustment screw provided for final width adjustment 
Width changing gearbox with AC motor provided inside LH side outlet desk
Width changing gear box connected to every chamber by means of line shaft.
Set of outlet and guide roller to draw the fabric to the Plaiter
To adjust the tension on fabric at outlet roller.
Control box to increase/decrease/stop operation on LH desk connected to speed indicator
One tachogenrator inside LH desk connected to speed indicator
Plaiter pillars fabricated from MS sheets with necessary tie rods and cross stays.
One pair o ebonite draw roller with dead weight rubber pressure roller.
Set of swinging arms with SS swinging rollers provided for plaiting down the fabric with eccentric arrangements
Batching arrangements of fabric on batching trolley 
Small batch winder of 600 mm dia 
Necessary synchronizing arrangement with main motor
Necessary chain drive with gear box. declutch arrangement to select Plaiter/ Batching 
Declutching arrangement for sudden stoppage of outlet roller
Electrical Control Unit 
One main cubical which can be placed near the machine 
Control panel held contractors, relays timers switches, indication lamps, control transformers ( Inventor optional ) and other necessary instruments for automatic operation of motors, electrical elements, etc.
Other controls boxes like two/ three push button stations Fault indication Speedo- meter are provided at inlet side of cock pit