Technical Specifications
Three Bowl Pneumatic Mangle
Cloth Feeding Device
swivel tension bars, Mechanical Cloth Guiders with width adjusting frame & guide rollers`
Main Frame
Fabricated out o profile cut mild steel in box section design. Giving necessary adequate rigidity necessary cut-outs to accommodate pneumatic cylinders, etc.
The Rollers ( Three main Rolls):
with 295 mm dia Made out of heavy pipes, with special construction for necessary strength and rigidity, running in heavy duty spherical roller bearing. The central Roller covered with Ebonite / Rubber about 80 + 5 shore 'A' Hardness Runs in bearings housed in fixed housing o rigid construction provision of receiving device on L.H.S. end as seen from entry side. The bottom & top rollers covered with soft rubber or about 70 +5 shore 'A' hardness; Runs in better housed in strong levers. Covers provided on all the bearing housings with seals for better bearing life with greasing provision. Water throwers provided on both ends of the rolls A scroll roller before the first nip made off pipe covered with ebonite. A guide roller ( If necessary) after the second nip made out of pipe with ebonite running in ball bearings.
The Troughs
Two in number arranged for two nips and two nips and two dips fabricated out of 316 quality S.S. or its equivalent with ribs and borders to give necessary rigidity with 1.1/2" BSP male threaded nipple for interconnection of the through. Two s.s. rollers ( One of each trough) made out of 3" Pipe depending upon ace with S.S. shaft ends running  in special self lubricating bushes clamped in easily removable brackets dripping collection trays return the squeezed liquor to the troughs. Special troughs may be offered on request.
Pneumatic Pressure
Applied by four single pneumatic cylinders ( two or top and two or bottom roller) Pivoted on pins fixed in the main frame on one end , piston rod connected on the end of levers through linkage and adjustable shackles a neat control panel board for the pneumatic loading with its internal piping and fitting . Two pressure gauges, two pressure regulators and two distributing valves (one each for top & bottom roller) possibility o individual pressure adjustment of first and second nip. the bottom nip ( 1st nip) opening by wt. o the rubber roller the top nip ( 2nd Nip) opening under action of the spring specially provided for this purpose with adjustable provision.

The drive AC and compensator for synchronizing with the next machine if both machines are ordered.